With this record we invite you on a journey from the frozen embrace of the Northern lights and crystalline white winters of Scandinavia, across the ocean through jungles of the Amazon, desserts in Mexico and over the mighty Andes mountains, before returning North to the most far away coasts in the world.

Through the soundscapes we travel, with each sound and beat expressing the universal heart's love for our Mother Earth, our longing for the reunion of the planetary sacred family and the celebration of the prophecies that call upon the new Dawn.

Our mission with Dreamtime is to give a voice and a platform to the elders, indigenous and wisdom keepers of ancestral knowledge of this world. The voices of our elders are the most important compass we have.

We must understand that Native cultures still have a living connection to the land which most of the modern world has lost. This connection to nature is the very umbilical cord to life itself.

In order to restore harmony in the world we need torestore our connection to the land. We must listento nature, listen to the wise folk. Listen to theirsongs and stories, hear their message andlisten to our own heart and bones.

Listen deep, and remember.

“All ancient cultures have prophesized that time would come when the human family would unite and rise up to defend the sacred life on Earth. That time is now. ”

- Anna Bariyani,