The Wild Voice

Calling the Songs of Our Ancestors

4-Day Immersive Retreat with

 Peia Luzzi & Anna Bariyani
20-23 August 2024

Solhälla, Svenhögen, Sweden

Join the two wonderful singers and recording artists Peia Luzzi and Anna Bariyani (Curawaka) for a four day immersive retreat in the beautiful setting of Sweden's Solhälla Retreat and Wellness Farm.

We will spend four days together calling upon and giving space for The Wild Voice.

As a participant you will be guided through an accessible set of tools and techniques to gently reconnect with your voice. Each songstress will share their vocal craft in their own unique ways, opening a harmonious portal of raw creative force, intuitive understanding and reconnection with the wild voice.

Peia Luzzi and Anna Bariyani will teach together and during a whole day each they will share their individual approaches to song. The fusion of their work and voices invite expansion and harmony. You as a participant is invited to offer your own heart, story and your own unique frequency into the fabrics of sound. 
 In we offer our attempt to connect with the raw, real and righteous, letting our wild hearts sing freely, allowing our wild hearts to open and flood the world with beauty and truth.

Full schedule TBA

DAY 1 - 20th August

2pm: Check in

3pm: Welcome circle, orientation

6pm: Dinner

Evening circle : song circle and body percussion

Day 2 - 21st August

A Day with Peia Luzzi

Day 3 - 22nd August

A Day with Anna Bariyani

Day 4 - 23rd August
Morning circle



3pm: Check out

A Day with Peia Luzzi 
Embodied Voice Cultivation & Traditional Song Study


During our time together, we will have a morning voice cultivation session and an afternoon song study which will focus on songs from the Irish & Animist Celtic Tradition. Learning the songs of the ancestors is a simple yet powerful act which connects us more deeply to the land, web of life, lineage and helps cultivate a sense of stewardship & belonging.

Here are some of the specific tools we will be working with in our practice: 

  • Somatic & Embodiment tools to connect deeply to our bodies, our creative vessel & unblock both the singing and speaking voice which liberates our inherent expression of beauty and vitality.
  • Breath meditations and techniques to return to our natural breath cycle, which regulates the nervous system and helps to release trauma stored in the body.
  • Practices to cultivate both resonance and volume without taxing or overworking the voice and works with the natural spectrum of harmonic vibration. 
  • Vocal Warm Ups and tools to stretch the vocal range gently
  • Vocal Care

A Day with Anna Bariyani

Weaving Voice & Spirit

The transformational technique of weaving assists in opening and tuning your voice as a channel, to allow profound elevation of expression on a soul level. Not only for singers or musicians, weaving is suitable for all those who wish to amplify the true purpose of their voice and experience a deeper connection with self and others.

Weaving refers to our voice as a thread in the large tapestry of life. It is a key to open the portal of the voice and the channel of the soul, to connect one´s own spirit with the Great Spirit. When we reconnect our voice to source, we reconnect with our origin and our purpose. Using her distinct vocal techniques, mainly rooted in her native Scandinavian traditions, Anna shares her way of using the voice for healing, prayer and dialogue with the elements. Her unique methods allow for authentic expression, conscious creation, and spiritual connection. Discover yourself and your potential through the art of vocalization and prayer in weaving with voice and spirit. 

Recidency at Solhälla Retreat and Wellness Farm 

Solhälla Retreat and Wellness Farm is located in Svenshögen in Sweden, about 45 min drive from Gothenburg. It is an enchanting sanctuary where we we will be embraced by the warm, golden Scandinavian summer, with its idyllic meadows, forests, lakes and streams. Their new gorgeous Temple will be the space for the vocal workshops. We will soak in the peace and quiet of this little paradise, enjoying sauna, swimming lake, as well as their their delicious organic kitchen and regenerative farming community.

Join the Wild Voice Retreat



Staying in shared room (2 people per room): EUR 950,-

Staying in dormitory: EUR 850,-

Staying in tent: EUR 720,-



In order to sign up for this retreat you need to pay a booking fee to secure your spot.

The remaining balance can be paid anytime before 01-08-2024.

 About reserving your preferred accommodation plan
or general questions:



  • The Wild Voice Retreat starts on Tuesday 20th August at 3pm and ends on the Friday the 23rd at 3pm.
  • The closest international airport is Gothenburg.
  • Solhälla is easily accessible with public transport. We offer pick-up in Svenshögen.
  • Accommodation is either 2-persons room, dormitory or camping.
  • If you are coming with a friend or partner, we will accommodate you together. 
  • A professional chef will handle all meals, we can accommodate all dietary restrictions as long as you notify us ahead of time. 
  • No previous experience with singing is needed to join this retreat. 



PEIA and CURAWAKA will hold a small, exclusive concert in the Solhälla Temple on Friday evening.

All participants of the Wild Voice Retreat are offered discounted tickets.



  • You may of course contact us with your inquiry, but please note that your place in the retreat is only secured upon payment of deposit. The remaining balance shall be paid in its entirety before 01-08-2024.
  • Please note deposits and final payments are non-refundable.
  • We remain the right to cancel your participation if it conflicts with legal or ethical matters.
  • We are not able to offer refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, family matters, illness or unexpected weather conditions.
    Please make sure you have a valid travel insurance to protect you from unfortunate circumstances. 
  • The price is listed in EURO, we ask that all transfers are made in EURO.
  • In case the retreat is cancelled from our side, all participants will receive a full refund.
  • If we make a mistake in your booking that results in your desire to cancel the booking, you shall receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations must be sent in writing to