The Curawaka Alliance Fund

Purpose of the Curawaka Alliance Fund

Since before Curawaka was born, each one of its members have spent extensive time with and learned from various indigenous peoples and communities across the planet. The teachings from these cultures, their songs and stories, their traditions and customs, their worldview and understanding of the universe, have fundamentally shaped the life and path of each one of us. We hold deep respect and infinite gratitude to all indigenous peoples for their eternal mission to serve the land and to guard the cycle of life. 

As a musical project, Curawaka has always carried an essence of the blessings we have received in our times with the tribes. As more and more people listen to our songs, we wish to take the opportunity to give back to the communities that we have and continue to work with. This is the purpose of the Curawaka Alliance Fund. It is a fund that will support projects that benefit the communities that has been important to us and our journey. More projects will be announced as the Curawaka Alliance Fund grows. 


"Water is Life" -

Fundraiser for the Yawanawa-
people of the Brazilian Amazon

The Yawanawa people and culture have been such an important influence and inspiration to us, as they have been to many people. It breaks our heart to know that their rivers are getting so polluted that they no longer are safe to drink, as the tribes have done through all times.

We have teamed up with WaterNow, Mose ∞ and Nixi Music to create this campaign, "Water is Life", in order to raise funds to help the Yawanawa people and bring clean drinking water to the village of Mutum.

WaterNow is planning to head to Mutum in May/June 2022, and we hope to raise the last 5,000 EUROS in order to complete this mission. If you want to help or learn more, check out our fundraiser campaign.

The Curawaka Alliance Fund

All profits of all our CD´s, vinyls and merchandise goes to the Curawaka Alliance Fund.

You may help us directly by making a donation.