Once in a Lifetime...

Join Anna Bariyani and Curawaka for a 7-days exclusive retreat in the far North, nestled in a gorgeous location on the beach of a fjord, under the protection of the majestic mountains of the Lyngen Alps, under the enchanting Northern Lights.

With a small group of only 12 participants, we will immerse in the magic of the Arctic Winter, diving deep into opening the work of weaving the very fabric of our existence, by opening our channels, our dreams, and our intuition.
Human beings are creators in essence. What do we want to create in this lifetime? What is my vision? What is my prayer?
What is my purpose? And how can I work with Spirit to weave my story in a sacred way?

This is a journey to the wild North, to the land of ice and dreamtime,

but it is also a journey deep within your own layers of reality and into the mysteries of your own soul.

Each participant will be fully supported through the inital mapping session, in which the current situation in one´s life is analyzed in a greater context. Within these initial mapping sessions, you will find yourself within clarify of the point within yourself from which to act forward. Then each participant will be guided to making their own drum, a shamanic tool and sacred helper and ally on our spiritual path. If there is someone who has a deep calling to craft a rattle or a flute as their ally on this journey, there is also an opportunity for that. Once your instrument is crafted and birthed, you will dive deep into the practice of weaving, song divination, guardianship of sacred songs and authentic expression of your own spirit.
As your channel opens, your voice and drum will be your own divine instruments for communicating with the Sky,
with the Earth, with the Water, and with the Fire.

At the end of the week, we will share an initiation ceremony under the Arctic nightsky, whispering our prayers to the Aurora Boreal and offering our service to the Great Mystery of Life.

Sacred Weaving of Sound and Spirit

Anna Bariyani, singer, songwriter and founder of Curawaka, is native to Norway, home to the spectacular celestial phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. Anna has a deep connection to the Northern lights, and has for years worked with and studied its ancestral and mystical dimensions, which is intimately connected with her music and spirit work. For her, the Aurora Borealis is the dream of the sun, the spirit that brings fertility to our dreamtime and gives the creative force to bring down and manifest our prayers and visions.

The Aurora Spirit is a medicine in its own right. It is a portal which activates and deeply nourishes our own channel as sacred beings, strengthening our vessels to be in further service of Mother Earth and the sacred design of Life.

Anna uses voice and drum to call and dialogue with the Aurora spirit, and other spirits of the land, in a practice she refers to as weaving. This is the first time she will offer a workshop in how she works with drum and voice, in the cradle of the Arctic, where the land is wild, the spirit is strong, and the veil to the invisible realm is thin.

Drum Making

Curawaka guitarist Alberto Arroyo is a master drum maker and a highly skilled artesan.

Originally from Mexico, Alberto has fallen in love with the Norse shamanic hand drums, and has developed his own unique style of making beautiful, top class hand drums as professional instruments and spiritual tools. He will guide us through the deep and transformative journey of making your own drum. 

To make your own drum is an initiation in the spiritual path. With your hands and prayers you craft a powerful object which will be an ally for life. The frequency and the spirit of your drum will always guide you on your path and lead you in a good direction, always protect you, teach you, and remind you of who you are, your strength and your purpose.

Alberto works with Norwegian reindeer hides to make the drums and willow wood for the frame. You will choose your own hide and make your own markings with chaga ink. You can choose if you wish to make a small, medium or large sized drum. Your drum, along with your voice, will be your main tool and instrument for the Aurora Spirit Retreat. 

If there is any participant who feel the calling to craft and work with a rattle or a flute rather than a drum, that is possible. Each soul feels their best instrument companion. The course will center around a drum, but this is interchangable with any sacred instrument of power. 

Channeling, Authentic Expression and Song Guardianship

The art of channeling is a study of what it really means to be or have a channel, why we have it, what to use it for, and how to cultivate its growth and blossoming. Your channel is your own direct line to Divine Source, and a reservoir of inspiration which, when functioning well, can funnel any waves of energy and emotion moving through your being and translate it into art and expression of any form. This is ultimately a study of how to be yourself - the conncted, spirited, activated you. The one you were always meant to be.

Anna, Alberto and Tavo from Curawaka will be leading several sessions throughout the week, using their instruments, musicality and spontaneity to facilitate a creative and playful space of self-exploration and expression. The aim is that each participant opens or expands their own channels, gains deeper understanding of how to harness that magical vortex and secures their own confidence in their own spirit´s authentic expression. We believe that the fundamental state of nature is a sort of divine play, and that in order to be an instrument of divination and channeling, one must somehow get the hang of this "divine play". This requires a certain form of presence, volunerability and playfulness, opening up for transcendence, authenticity and ilumination. 

The workshops will also touch upon the art of songwriting - how to catch those enchanted melodies and rhymes. It will also entail the codex of song guardianship - what it entails to use one´s creativity to channel songs, and how to take good care of traditional and sacred songs. 

Glaciers and Sami Culture

We will spend a whole week in the remote Arctic, which is also the home to the indigenous population of the Sami people. The Samis are traditionally reindeer herders, and keep a tight and intimately woven relation to the natural world. We will be joined by local Sami elder and wise woman Lone Beate Ebeltoft, who will accompany us throughout the week. Lone is an excellent story teller and will give us context of the Sami history and cuture by sharing stories, songs and other gifts from her tradition.

She is a guardian of the Sami shamanic drum "runebomme" and will be sharing some of its secrets and lore. 

One of the highlights of the week will be a visit to a beautiful glacier.

One of the local prophecies is that when the people start to sing to the melting ice, the time of golden dawn will cone.

We will make our offering to the glacier and sing and drum to its crystaline ancient waters. 

Residence at Lyngen Experience Lodge:

The Aurora Spirit Retreat will take place at Lyngen Experience Lodge situated in the Lyngen Alps, about 2 hour drive from the city of Tromsø, in the far North of Norway. The lodge is situation in a private, gorgeous location in the Arctic wilderness, right on the beach in front of  a beautiful fjord. We are surrounded by wildlife, and can spot eagles, whales, reindeers, seals, and a great number of birds. We will make 1-2 excursions from the lodge with a bus, one daytime excursion to visit a nearby glacier, and one nighttime excursion to see the Northern Lights in a different location. 

There will be workshops and activities every day, but also time to wind down and enjoy the scenery

The Lodge will be occupied exclusively by our group, and we have unlimited access to sauna and outdoor jacuzzi.

If you feel brave, we recommend a dip in the Arctic waters, especially right after sauna.

There is morning yoga available on several days, and prime scenery right outside the door for walking and running. 

Our chef will provide us with 3 meals per day in the dining hall. He cooks elegant traditional healthy food.

7 - Days Aurora Spirit Retreat
with Anna Bariyani & Curawaka

Lyngen Alps, Northern Norway

Group 1: October 16th - 22nd 2023

Group 2: October 23rd - 29th 2023


Booking: info@curawaka.com


  • 7 Days Retreat Program, all activities and workshops included
  • Make Your Own Drum workshop guided by Alberto Arroyo from Curawaka
  • Sacred Weaving with Voice & Drum workshops with Anna Bariyani
  • Personal consultations and support
  • Song circle and a very intimate Curawaka concert
  • Fire Initiation Ceremony
  • Glacier excursion and Northern Lights Safari excursion
  • Accommodation in high standard en-suite rooms (2 people per room)
  • 3 meals a day cooked by gourmet chef
  • Unlimited use of sauna and outdoor jacuzzi
  • Morning Yoga with instructor
  • Roundtrip private transport between the airport and the retreat location
  • Rent of your own warm suit and boots for Arctic climate

PRICE: EUR 3000,- all included*

(*does not include flights and travel insurance)

Maximum 12 participants per group

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Pay the booking fee and secure your spot.

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  • You may of course contact us with your inquiry, but please note that your place in the retreat is only secured upon payment of deposit.
  • In order to secure your place in retreat, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 25 % of the total price to be paid upon booking.
  • The remaining balance must be to be paid before 15-08-2023.
  • Accepted payments are Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, and PayPal. 
  • Please note deposits and final payments are non-refundable.
  • We are not able to offer refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, family matters, illness or unexpected weather conditions.
    Please make sure you have a valid travel insurance to protect you from unfortunate circumstances. 
  • The price is listed in EURO, we ask that all transfers are made in EURO.
  • In case the retreat is cancelled from our side, all participants will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations must be sent in writing to info@curawaka.com. 
  • Accommodation is shared between 2 people per room. All rooms have a private bathroom and can offer either double bed or twin beds.
    Please indicate so in case you are traveling with a friend or partner/spouse so we can arrange your accommodation together. 
  • A professional chef will handle all meals. Please notify us in advance in case you have allergies or dietary restrictions. 
  • Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon. Even though we are in the best possible conditions to see it, there is always the small chance that it will not appear. We cannot offer any refunds even in the case of not seeing the Aurora Borealis.