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Our friends in the Yawanawa village Mutum (Acre, Brazil) is lacking access to clean drinking water. Curawaka is raising funds in order to install a state-of the art water filter systems (restructuring and 7 stage purification), solar, water storage tanks, rainwater catchment, tools to dig their well deeper, submersible pump and a water drinking station. In co-operation with WaterNow, Mose and Nixi Music.

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Anna Bariyani and Txai Fernando from Curawaka have the honor of speaking at The Plant Spirit Summit on Feb 22 - 26 together with 40+ Western and Indigenous leaders, thinkers and activists about plant medicines & related affairs. They will talk about Music as Medicine and discuss their music´s relation to ceremonial culture and native traditions, about their new album, and what it means to be a creative artist in the rise of the new time. It´s a free event, check it out here: