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Call of the Wild

(Anna Bariyani)


To you who feel the wind´s whisper

the warning of thunder

the call of the wild


To you who feel the water´s bless

the praise of Grandfather Sun

Grandmother Moon´s caress


To you who greet the holy mountain

whose flute speaks to the sky

You who are danced by tidal waves

who howls the wolf´s cry


You who beat the elephants drum

whose blood rage with the storm

You whose spirit run free with the deer

who shivers in prayer at dawn



To you who guard the sacred fire

the seeds in the soil

the prayer of the land


To you who recall deep within your bones

the tales of humankind

the prophecy of Man


To who who fiercy dance

to the heartbeat of Mother Earth

you who hum the song of spheres

who speak star ancestors´wise


You who travel celestial winds

with the compass of an ancient heart

You who stain the fabric of time

with the memories of being alive


I am you 

You are me

Our heart is one heart

we are wild

we are free

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